All Change

The last couple of months have been mad. Ed and I have moved back to Devon!

A huge consequence of this giant transition is; the writing has been put on the backburner. What with packing and unpacking, deep cleaning and handing in notices, job hunting and flat hunting and everything else that comes along with moving counties, my poor book has not had any attention. Don’t get me wrong;  moving has been the most positive thing – we are now so close to family and old friends, we seem to have people for dinner every night. We are surrounded by love, which we are lapping up – a wonderful contrast to the loneliness of Kent.

I am still going through a rocky start to securing a day-job –nannying, which must of course come first. But the months have been slowly ebbing by since I made first contact with my agent and editor. And my book still requires another twenty-thousand words.

So, on Saturday, I joined a local writing group. I was delighted to find it to be filled with talented and published authors, who were oozing with advice. I know I will gain a lot from this group, and –I hope- it will give me the motivation I need. I have already volunteered to put Strike forward for critique at the next session…

I now know what I need to do. I need to set aside time –regularly- to edit my novel. I need to take myself away from distraction and procrastination. I need to set myself a deadline for completing my book.

As soon I have a secure day-job, I shall begin…