How to Make Your Blog Successful - Guest post from Eric Klingenberg

Today we have a guest post from North Devon writer, teacher and blogger, Eric Klingenberg. With over five hundred followers on his witty Wordpress site before his book has even been published, Eric shares his tips on how to increase your audience...

Guest Author, Eric Klingenberg
How To Make Your Blog Successful

Sorry I lied, I have no idea, but as I surpassed five hundred followers I thought I would share what I did, you never know it might get you a few extra follows too.

Why Blog?

For me this is the most important thing: Decide why you are writing your blog. To write mine I have to give up valuable free time so it needs to be worth it. For me, I started blogging to gain a platform for my still unfinished book. I soon realised there are only so many ways you can write; I did a bit of writing today, I think it went OK. So I started writing about other things, usually connected to books and writing but not always. Sometimes I write about my family - I’ve even written about my dog.

There are few blogs out there that are simply blogs for the sake of a blog. I want to be a successful blogger so I will blog. Often they are the same old rehashed posts and frankly a bit boring.

The purpose of my blog is to improve my writing, and let’s be honest, I need all the help I can get... I also use it to connect with the blogging community, who I've discovered are very nice group of people. If I sell a few books through it, all the better. By the way if you read this far you are now legally obliged to buy the book when it comes out.

How often should you blog? 
There is a massive amount of conflicting advice; the one that tells you to post five times a day... (I know!?!?!) Those can usually come into the camp of 'to have a successful blog for the sake of it'. However, if you want to build a following, you do have to post regularly. I try three times a week but I tend to write a lot of posts at once, when I have the time, then schedule them. I would say you ought to try at least once a week. I don’t know how important it really is to post on the same day, I do, but I don’t believe my readers are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for my regular post. For The bloggers I follow -many whom post regularly- I tend to check in on them when I have time rather than because I know they are posting.

How long should a post be? 
I don’t like long posts; my time is short I like to read a short, witty to-the-point post. All sorts of people disagree, but then ask yourself how often do you a skip a post when you see how long it is? I know there is a spot of irony here, this post is longer than I would normally write.

Engage with your readers 
This is obvious, but respond to comments. I try and put a bit at the end of each post encouraging a response so if they do respond make sure you do as well. Also visit other blogs and respond to their posts.

Tricks for getting more traffic
can’t help you too much with this but share your blog on Facebook, Twitter and other sites. Use tags and hashtags - they worked for me. Tricks are well and good but if your post isn’t worth reading when they get there….. 

Well there it is the longest post I think I have written. If you have made it to the end and not wondered off to look at pictures of cats, please feel free to share your tip or tell me I have no idea what I’m talking about, it wouldn’t be the first time...

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About Eric
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I’m a special needs teacher living and working in Devon in the U.K. Apart from writing I enjoy reading, sailing and playing strategy games. I keep very quiet about it but I'm also a Harry Potter fan. 
A True Wizard is my first attempt at writing a book. I’ve always enjoyed fantasy fiction and had lots of my own ideas for a story. Being dyslexic I’ve always been reluctant to have a go writing any of these down until an author friend of mine encouraged me to do so. After hitting 30k words I started believing I might actually finish the book so I started this blog just in case I ever publish it. I have now finished the first draft all 90k words of it!
I have got the blog bug and I want to write about other things not just my book! I’m working on the theory the more I write the better I will get at it. Of course there is a flaw in my thinking otherwise the late Barbara Cartland would be the greatest writer ever. Despite this, welcome to my blog, please leave a comment.

Thanks for reading.


Michelle W said…
A tip that can't be taught; be witty, laugh at yourself! Make your readers smile. It comes easily to Eric!
Anonymous said…
Thanks your very kind