December Gratitude

Life may never be perfect for any of us, but I try to have an attitude of gratitude. It's that time of year to become reflective and to look back over 2019. December can be a mad rush to wrap up work and to get ready for the festive season. Let's take a quiet moment to look back and contemplate how far we've come this year. Before we make our plans for the new year to keep striving forward, let's appreciate where we are at the moment.

My Family and Friends

I am grateful for the people in my life. In particular, I am lucky to have my beautiful daughter, my hard-working husband and my loyal mum. I'm thankful for the friends I have made, old and new. I only wish I had more time to be there for them all.

My Holiday

We enjoyed our first family holiday this year and made memories for life with our baby girl. We were determined not to let anything spoil it. We were blessed with the sunshine; the swimming; the architecture; the wedding; the lake. The food. The peace. The bliss.

Memories with My Baby

So many good times: swimming in the summer; beach trips; park trips; watching her transform from a baby to a toddler. Witnessing her speech and communication develop. Watching her become more independent. Seeing her learn to cuddle, to explore and to let us know what she wants. Hearing her call for us. Reading books with her; trips to the library and baby groups and swimming classes. Even through the tough times and the tantrums, the tears and the little illnesses and the (now fewer and farther between) sleepless nights, I am one blessed mummy to spend my days with my precious child.

My Work: My Passion

I am fortunate enough to work on my passion for writing and still have time to spend with my baby girl and to do the things that matter. I may feel overwhelmed sometimes and anxious that I can't fit everything in or be there enough for some of the people that matter but, on reflection, I have a fairly good balance. Planning to write my second novel on maternity leave may have been an over-ambitious goal, but, this year, I have blogged regularly and found new long-term clients to write articles for and to proofread for. The novel-writing will come back in time.

My Health

Ok, so I might carry a little more weight than I did and I may be completely short-sighted. I may wish my hair was different and that I was a little fitter. I might wish my body wasn't starting to show the signs of age and childbirth and that my complexion was smoother. But overall, I wake up each day feeling fresh I have no serious health issues - and I must be eternally grateful for that.

Everything else - my to-do list, my car, my job, my house - is just small stuff. I must strive to try harder to have the mindset to focus on what matters.

What are you grateful for this year?


Anonymous said…
I too am grateful for my good fortune, health, home comforts, loving family and great friends. This blog has helped me to get things into proportion