New Year, Old You?

New Year Musings/Goals/Ambitions/Personal Growth

I know; many people reject the idea of New Year's resolutions. Why set yourself up to fail? Why not carry on making the same mistakes, not pushing yourself and staying safely in your comfort zone? Surely it's safer to always do what you've always done and always be where you've always been. Set low expectations for yourself and then you won't be disappointed, right?

However, for some people, a new year can feel like a chance to be reflective and to start a new chapter. It can perhaps leave us contemplating how far we've come, or to consider anything we might like to work on to help us feel productive or more fulfilled.

Personally, while I am grateful for my blessings, I know I'm not perfect and there are areas I want to work on. I like to see January as a fresh opportunity; a time to start a new notebook and to review my life plan. The New Year is a time to reflect on what I can do to bring me closer to fulfilling my ambitions.

At the turn of last year, I found it difficult to spend time on anything other than my five-month-old baby. This time, I am out of the haze of it all and able to get some of my own identity back. The last part of 2019 was decidedly more productive than the first half of the year, and I intend to take back a bit more my old self as we head into 2020.

Whatever your reasons, will you be making changes as we venture into 2020? Maybe you are lucky enough to be already there; you're content. On the other hand, perhaps, like me, and like many of us, you feel as though you are still getting there. Here are my personal reflective goals for 2020.

Continue to do My Best for My Daughter
What does that mean? It means helping her achieve rejuvenating sleep, feeding her nutritiously, keeping her safe, promoting her independence and her development, teaching her to socialise and to be kind and, above all, ensuring she knows she is loved. It means living my life for her while she needs me. It means putting her needs first. I won't always get it right because I am human, and I won't always feel confident - but I will strive to do my best.

Concentrate on My Writing
In 2019, I secured some brilliant clients for whom I write and edit on a regular basis. For Christmas, my husband gave me some money to put towards a writers' retreat. I intend to save a little each month and, one weekend this year, I will go to a retreat to concentrate on my novel. My toddler is almost ready for part-time nursery and this will not only aid her confidence and development but will also allow me the opportunity to pursue my writing. Will I feel and guilty and selfish about putting her into childcare? Probably. However, this is the right thing to do for both her and for me. I adore being a mum, but becoming a mother doesn’t mean I need to sacrifice being me. Who knows, I might even make it back to my local writers' group once or twice this year.

Find an Achievable Nutrition Programme
I attempt to take steps to look after my health and wellbeing; I try to get up most mornings to work out and shower before my little girl is up for the day. Then - you might laugh at me -  while I'm getting ready, I try to listen to a short set of gratitude affirmations to try to set my mind for the day. However, my downfall is my diet. For nine months, I took the attitude of, 'I'm pregnant; I can eat what I like'. Since then, it's been, 'I have a baby to take care of; I'll eat what I can grab'. I know eating well is important for so many things - from energy levels and good skin to organ function, mental health and warding off serious diseases. I try to make sure the little one eats nutritiously. It's time for me to set a good example and be mindful about what I put into my body - once all the Christmas goodies are gone…

Complete Training Courses
My final goal for 2020 is to complete a couple of courses for my professional development, so I have set manageable deadlines for those.

Do you reject the idea of resolutions or do you see January as an opportunity to start a clean page? What are you striving for this year that will help you feel fulfilled and give you a sense of purpose? Or, are you perfectly content as you are? Whatever your stance, I hope you're doing what brings you joy.